Weeknote #017

— 11 minute read

I spent some time this morning trying to fix my website. The idea was to publish all weeknotes. But I got trapped by some DNS configuration. I gave up, of course, and enjoyed the day lazily. I am writing my weeknotes Saturday night, because of the habit and it felt something was missing.

My favourite weeknote this week is Amy Hupe's update about her health incident. She also shares her perspective on healthcare and inequality. Good stuff.

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A calm week and good progress permalink

After a week away from work, I felt a bit out of loop and slow. It was refreshing to observe excellent progress in many workstreams. Also, it got me thinking a lot about how things change fast. Catching up was a massive effort.

Learned things permalink

Enthusiasm is the key \

There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.

  • Norman Vincent Peale \

Process and capability goes a long way, but enthusiasm can't be ignored. Fred Warbz inspired me again this week with his pragmatism and clear intention. It was also beautiful to read all the great posts about the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, an online movement that is creating an amazing positive change.

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Tai Chi and Box permalink

I am famous for hating any kind of exercise. Cycling was the only exception. I hate the gym environment for many reasons. I never tried classes that interest me because of this. In the last few days, I learned more about box and tai-chi, activities that I wanted to try for years. I have been practising every day in VR. It feels good, but a bit odd. For a self guided experience, that is helping me to create a good habit, I think VR is being very effective and cheap.

The best one permalink

Leili, as always, is my rock and my lighthouse. This week she was extra supportive and lovely. She surprises me every day with her small acts of kindness.

Books permalink

I am reading many books at the same time. Asimov's Naked Sun is the one I like most. The parallels with our current social isolation reality are shocking. I was laughing (and also worried) while reading a part where the hero struggles when visiting someone who was isolated for years. The way Asimov describes the character reactions and emotions is brilliant. I discovered as well that the BBC filmed a version in 1969 and it got lost or wiped out. Cool story. I will now try to find the Out of Unknown series.

Health check permalink

This Thursday, I felt COVID-19 like symptoms for the first time. I was freaking out. Fever, pain in the body and some crazy stomach bug. I am feeling better, but I will test again as recommended by the GP.

Weight: 100.0 kg
Food: Too much delivery food and chocolate this week.
Drinks: Gin and one beer
Smoking: 12 Juul pods