Weeknote #025

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I was overthinking again about writing or not while on holidays. However, I have spent an entire week without using my computer. Since I was only consuming content, I felt the need of writing a bit this Saturday. It is also a good warm-up for tomorrow - I need to write my presentation for the Design Ops London Meet-up.

This week's favourite blog is about threaded thinking, by Anne-Laure Le Cunf.

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Travelling without planning permalink

I like to plan everything. I am that type of person that spend days thinking about all details on a trip. But I was so busy that this time this wasn't possible. We decided to go for a random trip, to escape a bit from our flat and enjoy some outdoors. All went well, and I am feeling rested. It was also a nice way to celebrate Leiliane's birthday. The criteria we used to decide where to go:

  1. no airplane travel required
  2. the place should have way less COVID cases than London and no crowds
  3. availability of Pinterest-like Airbnb places with obsessive cleaning

Glorious Maidstone permalink

Flowers and Bees

Maidstone is a town with about 110.000 people and a busy city centre. It might not be a place people consider for holidays, but actually, it was pretty nice. We could walk to some beautiful landmarks, and the streets were virtually desert. Sailing River Medway was quite cool. We spent an afternoon visiting Leeds Castle. The gardens there are amazing. Birds, bees, swans, ducks, and beautiful flowers everywhere.

Ancho and Choripan permalink

We had dinner at Buenos Aires Nights, an Argentinean steakhouse, twice. I confess we were freaking out in the beginning to be in an indoor place without masks. But over time, we relaxed, as we observed how careful the team was. For starters, we ordered some sausage and bread and improvised our own choripan. For the mains, we had Ancho. The meat was cooked to perfection, probably one of the best I had in the UK.

Healthcheck permalink

Health is under control. Finally got my prescriptions from the GP without friction, but it required a consultation. This week I did some exercise and we walked a lot.

Weight: 98.1 kg
Food: Homemade pasta was the highlight of the week.
Drinks: Beers, wine, gin - this week my liver was working hard
Smoking: 7 Juul pods

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